Monday, July 9, 2012

Between the Bubbles

Well friends and family, I have ventured into the world of podcasting, and I have to say I am VERY excited.  My great and amazing friend Braeden Jones and I decided to explore this technological world, and quite frankly it has come together quite nicely the last two weeks.

It all started when I say a comic book writer tweet a video review of two guys at a table picking up a comic book and saying very simple and generic phrases that gave no insight whatsoever.  I am guessing they asked her to tweet it, but still, I felt like Braeden and I could do more.  Friends in Iowa ask us comic book questions all the time, and have stated that they love listening to us passionately discuss our geeky fandom. So I hesitantly sent a text to Braeden asking him if he wanted to do a podcast.  I didn't know what he was going to say, and I didn't want him to say yes to something that he didn't really want to do, but felt like he should to support a friend.  Fortunately for me, he had been wanting to do a podcast on something for a long time, so Between the Bubbles was born.  By the way the name came to Braeden while watching Pixar's Brave.  Pixar's creativity really is contagious.  

Braeden's excitement showed, as he went full speed ahead and created a logo, a web page, got our mic situation together, and really put his heart into this. And it shows.  He even got us on iTunes! I'm running the Twitter account, and I've had a great time. Sounds legit, looks legit, heck maybe we are legit.  All I know is I had a total blast recording our first episode.  Were there things I can improve upon? Yes there most definitely are, but that is okay.  I was excited, nervous, and quite frankly I was in the process of regaining my voice from being sick.  The fact I didn't hack a lung while talking was a huge blessing, as I was having coughing fits two hours before.  I love that I can learn about social media and podcasting with a hobby instead of when I am a chiropractor trying to build my practice.  It will be a great learning experience.

Anyway, definitely follow and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, like us on Twitter, and like our page on Facebook.  You give our podcast a listen to, subscribe to Between the Bubbles on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter here .  Enjoy and appreciate your support!!!

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